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Who is involved

The CLEAR Study is made possible through the generous contributions of NSW academic, healthcare and research communities.

The Principal Investigator:

Associate Professor Freddy Sitas, DPhil
Director, Cancer Research Division, Cancer Council NSW, Conjoint/Associate Professor, University of NSW /University of Sydney

The Chief Investigators:

Professor Dianne O’Connell, BMaths (Hons), PhD Senior Epidemiologist, Cancer Research Division, Cancer Council NSW Associate Professor, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Karen Canfell, DPhil
Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader, Cancer Modelling Group, Adult Cancer Program, Lowy Cancer Centre, University of New South Wales

Professor Michael Barton MBBS, FRANZCR Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of NSW and Research Director, Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes, Research and Evaluation Liverpool Health Service, NSW

Professor Emily Banks B MedSci, MBBS, PhD NHMRC Research Fellow and Study Director 45 and Up, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University, ACT

Expert Advisory Committee 

Chair: Prof Bernard Stewart


  • A/Prof Freddy Sitas
  • A/Prof Karen Canfell
  • Prof Dianne O’Connell
  • Prof Emily Banks
  • Prof Michael Barton

Additional Members:

  • Sally Crossing
  • A/Prof Rachel Neale
  • Prof Stephen Ackland
  • Dr Antony Sara

The Collaborators:

  • Prof Robyn Ward Lowy Cancer Centre, University of NSW
  • Prof Andrew Biankin, St Vincent’s Hospital & Bankstown Hospital & Glasgow University
  • Anne Sheldon, SESIAHS Clinical Cancer Registry
  • Dr Antony Sara, SESIAH Clinical Cancer Registry
  • A/Prof Chris Milross, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Dr Eng-Siew Koh, Liverpool Hospital
  • A/Prof Geoff Delaney, SSWAHS Clinical Cancer Registry
  • Dr Janelle Wheat, Charles Sturt University
  • Professor Jonathan Carter, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Dr Lisa Horvath, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • A/Prof Michael Boyer, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Professor Neville Hacker, Royal Hospital for Women
  • A/Prof Scott Menzies, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Professor Stephen Ackland, Calvary Mater Hospital and Tamworth Hospital
  • Dr Stephen Begbie, Port Macquarie Base Hospital
  • Dr Nick Pavlakis, Armidale Hospital
  • Dr David Bell, Armidale Hospital
  • Dr Laurence Krieger, Armidale Hospital
  • Dr Janine Lombard, Tamworth Hospital
  • Dr Girish Mallesara, Tamworth Hospital
  • Dr Fiona Abell, Tamworth Hospital

Study Staff:


  • Professor Bruce Armstrong, University of Sydney
  • Professor Valerie Beral, Oxford University

Hospitals and Clinical Cancer Registries:

  • HNEAHS, Tamworth Hospital, July 2009
  • HNEAHS, Armidale Hospital, July 2009
  • HNEAHS, Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital, July 2009
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga, July 2009
  • NCCICRU, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Oct 2008
  • SSWAHS, Clinical Cancer Registry, Aug 2008
  • Riverina Cancer Care Centre, Wagga Wagga – Feb 2008
  • SSWAHS, RPAH Zone – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sept 2007
  • SSWAHS, Western Zone – Liverpool & Bankstown Hospitals, Aug 2007
  • SESIAHS, Clinical Cancer Registry, July 2007
  • SESIAHS, Northern Section – Royal Hospital for Women, Dec 2006
  • SESIAHS, Southern Section – St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sept 2006
  • The Cancer Council NSW, Jan 2006
  • HCF Health Fund, June 2010
  • Border Medical Oncology, December 2009
Take the survey

Thank you to all the people who have taken part in CLEAR.

Their questionnaire data and blood samples will help us understand risk factors for cancer in NSW.

Freddy SitasAssociate Professor Freddy Sitas

“Many people think the only way to help research is to give a financial donation, but when it comes to a broad reaching study such as CLEAR, we’re totally reliant on the courage and goodwill of cancer patients in the community.”

Karen CanfelAssociate Professor Karen Canfell

“We have an enormous diversity of lifestyles: we can compare and get meaningful answers about the causes of cancer”