Patients have a poor understanding of the causes of cancer

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Freddy Sitas, Director of Research, Cancer Council NSW, writes:

Myths and cancer can go together hand in hand. Not surprisingly, in a complex disease that horribly impacts upon, and cuts short so many lives, there remain many questions around cancer causes. Despite cancer research increasingly unveiling more about the ‘big C’, we still see myths thrive.

What effect does this have? Myths are just part and parcel of the great unknown – right?

Unfortunately myths are undermining cancer prevention, with Australian patients placing stress about money and the mortgage above established causes of the disease such as smoking, obesity, and family history.


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Freddy SitasAssociate Professor Freddy Sitas

“Many people think the only way to help research is to give a financial donation, but when it comes to a broad reaching study such as CLEAR, we’re totally reliant on the courage and goodwill of cancer patients in the community.”

Karen CanfelAssociate Professor Karen Canfell

“We have an enormous diversity of lifestyles: we can compare and get meaningful answers about the causes of cancer”