Research Report Newsletter Winter 2010 – Issue 13

Inside you will find:

  • Participate online in CLEAR study.
  • Advanced prostate cancer.
  • Reduce smoking rates guide.
  • Other causes of skin cancer.
  • Help us improve care for.
  • Mesothelioma sufferers.
  • Cancer researcher honoured.

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10800COMPLETED Take the survey


Number of people we need to participate to reach our current goal of 12,000


partners also took the survey to help find causes of cancer. We need more!

Freddy SitasAssociate Professor Freddy Sitas

“Many people think the only way to help research is to give a financial donation, but when it comes to a broad reaching study such as CLEAR, we’re totally reliant on the courage and goodwill of cancer patients in the community.”

Karen CanfelAssociate Professor Karen Canfell

“We have an enormous diversity of lifestyles: we can compare and get meaningful answers about the causes of cancer”