CLEAR Study Resource is open for scientists!

At December 2013 CLEAR Study  has collected data from almost 10,000 people with and without cancer to provide a better understanding of the genetic and environmental causes of cancer in NSW.  Data and blood samples are now available to the cancer research community (subject to appropriate scientific and ethical approval). See Info for Researchers.

The CLEAR Study is an open resource. Scientists may apply to use questionnaire data and blood samples for any cancer research project, subject to scientific and ethical approval, without collaboration with Cancer Council NSW.

We invite researchers to join us for a discussion about possible collaborative projects. At CCNSW we are particularly interested in collaborations which can bring expertise outside our areas of content knowledge, such as laboratory science. New collaborators are welcome. Please email with initial enquiries.

Scientists at Cancer Council NSW will be using CLEAR questionnaire data and blood samples to evaluate risk factors for cancer. Particular areas of interest will be links between cancer and:

  • Smoking
  • Infectious agents
  • Hormones (exogenous and endogenous)
  • Sun exposure, and sleep patterns
  • BMI/physical activity
  • Alcohol
  • Tooth loss

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Thank you to all the people who have taken part in CLEAR.

Their questionnaire data and blood samples will help us understand risk factors for cancer in NSW.

Freddy SitasAssociate Professor Freddy Sitas

“Many people think the only way to help research is to give a financial donation, but when it comes to a broad reaching study such as CLEAR, we’re totally reliant on the courage and goodwill of cancer patients in the community.”

Karen CanfelAssociate Professor Karen Canfell

“We have an enormous diversity of lifestyles: we can compare and get meaningful answers about the causes of cancer”